BMAA Icicle Meet 2013

We’re delighted to be hosting the BMAA Icicle meet again this year – at rather short notice as it’ll be held this Saturday and Sunday, 16th-17th February. A warm (or cold) welcome back!

Participants be aware – the ground is, at the time of writing, rather soft and damp but there’s a good drying breeze and we’re not expecting significant further rain. You’ll probably want to make sure your tent is reasonably waterproof underneath! The café will be open from 8am on the Sunday.

Parking may be on the grass or in our tarmac overspill areas depending on the surface conditions; expect all movements to take place on the tarmac runways.

An update on the ground conditions will be posted tomorrow, Friday.

Update Friday 15th:

Ground is firming up and drying out nicely.

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