Birmingham Airspace Presentation at Cosford

We have today received an invitation to Halfpenny Green based pilots to attend a presentation by Birmingham ATC at Cosford. Please see the details below:

I am the FSO for Cosford Powered Flying Club and I have arranged a presentation evening by Birmingham International ATC. They are coming to Cosford  on the 5th August 2015 and the presentation will start at 1800. I apologise for the short notice but initially it was only going to be for club members but with more interest I have sourced a larger venue, as such I am now extending the invite to all local flying agencies which most notably includes yourselves.

They are going to cover a few things including a brief overview of the way they work and points to note when flying near their airspace. They also want to dispel the myth that they are unapproachable on the frequency and primarily increase air safety in our area.

The presentation will be held at Cosford. Please extend this invite to all.

I would appreciate it if you may be able to give me a rough estimate on numbers should you have any interest. Whilst this may most notably benefit trainee pilots more it is also something that those with more experience may be interested in attending.  

Details of where to go will be published here when we have them. If you’re planning to attend please e-mail Elaine so we can pass numbers to the organisers.

Update 30th July:

The location of the presentation will be at the Nuffield Pavilion which is next to the RAF Cosford Stadium. This is not “Behind the wire” and as such no formal ID will be required.

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