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Opening Hours

Hours of Operation

Summer: 0900 – 1800hrs local

Winter: 0900 – 1700hrs local

The café opens at 1000 and closes one hour before the rest of the airport.

Night Flying may take place on Thursdays during the winter period with the airport remaining open until 2000hrs (2100 on request) and on Saturdays until 1900 hours (2000 on request). Requests for night flying should be made to ATC no later than 1600hrs on that day. Requests for night movement made after 1600 will normally be accepted if the airport is open.  Landings after 1700 attract a surcharge of £10 per sortie.

Requested movements outside these times will be subject to charges. Contact ATC 01384 221378 for further information.

Fuel Bay

Refuelling is available during normal operating hours. Requests outside of these times should be made directly to the fuel bay on 01384 221379.

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