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Wolverhampton Airport Consultative Committee

Airport Consultative Committees are structured forums that provide an opportunity for the exchange of information between airports and interested parties. They may make recommendations to the airport management and other bodies when appropriate as well as being a place where there is an opportunity to reach common understanding between interested groups about the nature of the airport operation in the hope that issues can be resolved amicably.

The Wolverhampton Airport Consultative Committee exists to provide this means of communication between the airport and its neighbours, represented by local councillors, and other representative organisations.  The Committee meets formally to discuss the airport’s operations four times per year, although up to two of these meetings may be ‘virtual’ meetings carried out by e-mail if there is little to discuss. The committee is independent of the airport management.

The full constitution of the committee can be seen here.

The Terms of Reference for the committee can be seen here.

The list of members with their e-mail contact details can be seen here.

Minutes of the committee can be seen here.

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