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Wolverhampton Airport Consultative Committee Constitution




1. The name of the Committee is the Wolverhampton Airport Consultative Committee (‘The Committee’)

2. The purpose of the Committee is to act as a means of consultation in relation to Wolverhampton Airport, as an aerodrome under Section 35 of the Civil Aviation Act 1982 or any modification thereof.

3. Membership of the Committee shall comprise representatives of the Bodies/organisations listed in the attached Schedule; such Bodies/Organisations shall be entitled to appoint the number of representatives/Deputies listed in the Schedule.  Each member Body/Organisation shall determine it’s own arrangements for attendance by Deputies provided that, wherever possible, the Honorary Secretary be given advance notice of when a Deputy will be attending a specific meeting.

4. The terms of office for the Local Authority/Parish Council representatives shall be determined by the appointing body; in the event of a representative dying, resigning or ceasing to be a member of the appointing body/organisation, the appointing body/organisation shall be invited to appoint a replacement representative to serve for the remainder of the period of office.

5. All other representatives shall serve for a period of three years from the date of their appointment

6. The Committee shall have the power to co-opt and determine the period of office of, up to a maximum of 4 additional members.

7. The Officers specified in the attached Schedule shall be invited to attend all Committee meetings

8. The Committee shall meet on a quarterly basis with its Annual General Meeting held in June; additional meetings may be convened in the event of the Committee or its Chairman deeming it necessary

9. At its Annual General Meeting the Committee shall appoint:

  • Chairman (Not a representative of the airport Operator, a Local Authority or a Parish Council); such appointment shall be for a three year term of office
  • Vice-Chairman ((Not a representative of the airport Operator, a Local Authority or a Parish Council)
  • Secretary (Not an Officer from the Local Planning Authority for the aerodrome)

10. The final approved minutes of the meetings of the Consultative Committee will be publicised on the Airport’s website

11. The Secretary’s role shall be to:

  • Convene meetings of the Committee and issue agendas comprising matters appropriate for the Committee to consider in accordance with its Terms of reference
  • Prepare and distribute minutes of meetings of the Committee
  • Take appropriate action to ensure that any decisions of the Committee are actioned

12. Any matters considered by the Committee will be resolved by consensus.  In circumstances where a vote is required the decision shall be made by way of a simple majority vote; in the event of votes being equal the Chairman shall have a second and casting vote.

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