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Wolverhampton Airport Consultative Committee Terms of Reference




  1. To consider aerodrome issues as they affect the communities represented or the amenities of the aerodrome.
  2. To make suggestions to the aerodrome where this might further the interest of the communities represented.
  3. To stimulate the interest of the local population in the development of the aerodrome.
  4. To monitor the environmental impact of all aspects of the operation of the aerodrome and to advise on operating procedures resulting from such monitoring with a view to minimising noise or other pollution from whatever source.
  5. To protect and enhance the interests of users of the aerodrome.
  6. To discuss with the aerodrome formal procedures for recording complaints about aircraft noise and other adverse effects of the aerodrome.
  7. To consider the contribution of the aerodrome to the local, regional and national economy.
  8. To consider anything incidental to the above with the potential impact for Staffordshire or the wider area.


N.B. Any clause in these Terms of Reference does not preclude any legal rights which member organisations might have to pursue matters of interest or concern independent of the Committee.

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