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Fuel Prices
AVGAS 100LL £1.72 / litre inc. VAT
AVGAS UL91 £1.72 / litre inc. VAT
Jet-A1 £0.84 / litre inc. VAT

Prices quoted are correct at the date this page was last updated but subject to change without notice.

Please note that AVGAS can only be provided for aircraft use. Sorry, but it’s the law.

All fuels available from self-service pumps.

Jet-A1 is also available by mobile bowser. The AL48 Fuel System Icing Inhibitor is available on demand but must be requested from the bowser operator before fuelling commences as it’s optionally added during fuelling. There is no extra charge for AL48.

Rotors Running Refuelling of helicopters may be available – see here for details.

Any further questions about fuel should be directed to the Fuel Bay, tel: 01384 221379.

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