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Out of Hours Permits

Using the Airport outside Published Hours

Pilots may use the Airport outside published hours without RFFS or ATS cover provided they have a valid permit issued by ATS and accept the Conditions of Out of Hours Use.

Blank Permits are available here: Out of Hours Permit.  The permits are not valid until countersigned by ATS.

The Conditions are below or available for printing here: Out of Hours Conditions


Conditions of Out of Hours Use

Holders of valid permits may use the Airport outside published hours, subject to the following conditions:

1. The permit is valid for flight in VMC only between 0700 local and sunset as determined at the Airport. The sunset time is available from ATS or by Googling “Sunset Halfpenny Green”.

2. All out of hours flights are strictly PPR from ATS during normal ATS hours. ATS will advise of any known restrictions to Airport use. It is incumbent on the pilot to brief himself fully prior to the flight.

3. The aircraft must carry a serviceable radio. Make blind transmissions addressed to ‘Halfpenny Green Traffic’ on 123.000 while on the ground and in the vicinity of the Airport, broadcasting positions and intentions (including the runway you are using on each transmission in the circuit).

4. Rule 17 (2) of the Rules of the Air requires that notice of flights is given to the person in charge.

When Wolverhampton Halfpenny Green Airport is closed you must abide by this rule by notifying ATS of:

a) Your actual times of departure/arrival.
b) Your destination, point of departure and runway(s) used.

Pilots should post these details in the white letterbox at the base of the stairs to the ATS tower on the day of the flight. If you forget, the details must be telephoned (01384 221378), faxed (01384 221514) or e-mailed ( to ATS before 1000 local on the following day.

Due to the time that can be spent tracing unknown flights, all out of hours flights not notified to us as above may incur a £25 administration fee.

5. Use the runway aligned closest into wind (RW 10/28 closed for landing/take-off to all aircraft). If a larger aircraft has to use a different runway, others should clear the circuit until any such operation is completed. If the wind is calm use runway 34.

6. The standard joining procedure is an overhead join from 2000ft and this is recommended outside hours. Whichever procedure is followed, broadcast your position and intentions clearly.

7. Practice forced landings and a training circuit i.e. touch and goes or go-arounds, are not permitted except when necessary for safety reasons.

8. Pilots should be aware of the possibility of non-radio equipped maintenance vehicles which may be driven by people with relatively little aviation experience and which may cross runways and taxiways.

9. Pilots should make their own arrangements for the initiating of overdue action on inbound VFR flight plans. Consult ATS if you need further information.

The Airport authority will withdraw the ‘Out of Hours permit’ for any aircraft, operator or pilot that fails without good reason to comply with these conditions.


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