Restricted Airspace – Temporary Airport Closures

Pilots’ attention is drawn to the Restricted Airspace (Temporary) over the airport this weekend to allow the EIIR Flypast for the RIAT at Fairford to form up in the area.

The airspace above us will be closed from 1045Z – 1125Z (11:45 local to 12:25 local) on both Saturday 7th July and Sunday 8th July. No flying will be possible even in the circuit during those periods.

Further details are available in the AIC Mauve 95 / 2012 or contact ATS on 01384 221378.

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Get your C42s here!

Red-Air are now supplying new factory built C42s from Halfpenny Green as well as providing full support services.

Flyer news item

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Competition Time!

[error]This event has been postponed. Keep an eye on our website for updates.[/error]

Pete Allman is organising an Aerial Treasure Hunt in aid of charity on 4th August 2012. For further details see here.

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OPNOT 2012-02 – Halfpenny at War Weekend

OPNOT 2012-02 has been published detailing the effect on aerodrome users of the Halfpenny at War Weekend; operations will be affected from Friday 18th May until Monday 21st May inclusive.

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Out of Hours Operations

New conditions for using the airport outside normal operating hours have been introduced.

Please see here for further information.

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50 Years at the Green…

Congratulations to Bob Whitehouse who this month celebrates 50 years as a tenant at the airfield – the longest of anyone.

The second tenant on the site, Bob remembers the early days when there was no door on his building, no water and no electricity. One might wonder why he came here! He’s certainly seen a few changes since he arrived. The first owner he recalls had only one leg while the first manager (who was also the Chief Flying Instructor) only had one eye.

Bob’s gearbox maintenance business, which he runs with his son Colin, is still going strong.

It’s also Bob’s birthday today (10th April), so a Happy Birthday to him from all of us.

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Hangar Dance Tickets update

Tickets for the Hangar Dance on 19th May have now sold out! We hope everyone has a good evening.

Caroline is maintaining a waiting list for returned tickets and if you would like to be included on this list please e-mail her.

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OPNOT: Rotors, Wings and Wheels

OPNOT 2012-01 has been published detailing aerodrome closure times for the Rotors, Wings and Wheels event on Easter Sunday and Monday.

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The Tower occasionally sends e-mails concerning opertaional matters such as planned runway or taxiway closures, fuel supply information, night flying arrangements etc. We also send informtion about events and activities which may be of interest -and the occasional Newletter.

We hold many e-mail addresses which based and visiting pilots have given to us but these can change from time to time. If you are not receiving such information – and would like to – please send an e-mail to to be added to the list.

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Hangar Dance Tickets on sale

Tickets for the Hangar Dance on Saturday 19th May 2012 can now be obtained from Caroline at the Airport Office or from Tony in the Control Tower – as well as from Steve Roberts at Northern Forties. Please telephone to reserve your tickets as, although the numbers have been increased a little, they are in demand!

The £15 ticket includes “light supper“. Last years superb musicians Ockbrook Big Band and Lola l’amour – will be here again along with The Forces Sweethearts.

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Residents’ Landing Fees simplified

With effect from 25th January 2012, individual landing fees for privately operated resident aircraft under 3,000 MTOW have been abolished. These charges have been replaced by simple monthly block landing charges:


Resident Private Aircraft Landing Fees – from 25th January 2012
Single engine aircraft up to 450kg MTOW £20.00 per month
Single engine aircraft between 450kg and 2,999kg MTOW £30.00 per month
Twin engine aircraft up to 2,999kg MTOW £30.00 per month
Group operated (more than three pilots) aircraft up to 2,999kg MTOW £70.00 per month

The above monthly charges allow unlimited landings and include VAT. 

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The event is ON this coming weekend!

Saturday 14th Janaury – aircraft arrive.

Overnight camping/freezing.

Sunday 15th January survivors depart.

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GASCo Flight Safety Evening – 7th February

GASCo Flight Safety Evening will take place at Blakelands next door to the airport on Tuesday 7th February at 7.30 pm (doors open 7.00 pm). These evenings are normally well worth attending for both students and experienced pilots.

All welcome – there’ll be a £6 charge to cover the cost of venue hire and refreshments.

For more information e-mail Tony Dring.

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Welcome to our New Website

We’ve redeveloped our website as we found that the technology used on the old website was beginning to hinder our ability to add the new features we wanted.

The new site allows users to comment on posts made by the airport and is better linked with social media such as Twitter and Facebook. You can register to make comments or simply sign in with an existing Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn profile.

The new site should also display better on mobile devices.

We hope to add a webcam and online weather information shortly.

Do please have a look round and let us know if you have any suggestions. If you have any problems with it please e-mail me.

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OPNOT: Changes to Fuel Supplies

OPNOT 2011-12 has been published covering changes to fuel supplies at the airport.

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OPNOT: Night Flying

OPNOT 2011-11 has been published covering Christmas/New Year Hours and Night Flying for 2011-2012.

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Fuel update

MOGAS has now been withdrawn as we can no longer get it alcohol-free. MOGAS users may bring their own supplies but should be aware that any they get from petrol forecourts is likely to contain alcohol.

We have introduced Total AVGAS UL91 which is approved for most Rotax equipped aircraft and some others. This is an unleaded aviation grade gasoline without the storage, temperature or altitude restrictions associated with MOGAS.

OPNOT 2011-12 refers.

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Icicle 2012 delayed

It’s going to be too warm this weekend, apparently, so the Icicle fly-in has been rescheduled for 14th-15th January.

You can keep up with the latest here.

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