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Airport User Group Meetings

The purpose of the Airport User Group is:

  • To consider, discuss and promulgate safety issues relating to the airport.

  • To make suggestions to the Airport Operator for improvements in procedures or facilities for the benefit of its users.

  • To consider planned development at the airport.

  • To enable the Airport Operator to consult with users of the ATS.

Airport User Group is jointly chaired by:

  • Airport Operations Manager, Antony Hall

  • Duty Manager, Jordan Timmins

  • FISO Manager, Harvey Sant

Airport User Group is attended by:

  • Senior Airport Fire Officer, Steve Newton

  • Representatives of all flying airport tenants

  • Two representatives of private aircraft operator

Peter Wheelan and Steve Silvester represent private aircraft operators at Halfpenny Green. Both will be happy to raise any points you have at the next User Group meeting. 

Any airport member can also request to attend these meetings. 

Email for further information about Airport User Group meetings. 

Past Minutes

Future Meetings

Next meeting to be confimed

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