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Visiting Aircraft Landing Fees 

Aircraft up to 600kg                                                                 £10.00

Aircraft 601kg to 1,700kg                                                        £15.00

Aircraft 1,701kg to 2,999kg                                                     £27.00

Aircraft 3,000kg  to 3,999kg                                                    £65.00


Extra tonne                                                                               £25.00 per tonne


Helicopters – Single Engine                                                    £15.00


Helicopters – Twin Engine                                                      £27.00


Training Fees (Including Helicopters)

Aircraft up to 1700kg - Landing Fee Plus                             £9.00   per touch and go

Aircraft 1,701kg to 2,999kg - Landing Fee Plus                   £14.00  per touch and go

Aircraft 3,000kg+  – Landing Fee Plus                                   £17.00  per touch and go

Circuit Packages (Including Helicopters)                                                                                  

Aircraft up to 1700kg                                   £40 (one full stop landing and as many touch and goes as required)

Aircraft 1,701kg to 2999kg                          £65 (one full stop landing and as many touch and goes as required)

Aircraft 3000kg to 3,999kg                          £85 (one full stop landing and as many touch and goes as required)

Aircraft 4000kg plus                                     On request

Overnight Parking

Grass Area                                                                                50% of the landing fee

Surfaced Area                                                                          100% of the landing fee


Residents Parking

Grass                                                                                          £85.00 (First Month Free)

Single Engine Aircraft – Hardstanding                                  £130.00

Twin Aircraft – Hardstanding                                                 £160.00

Resident Aircraft – Block Landing Charges

Microlights                                                                                £36.00

Aircraft up to 1,700kg – non syndicate*                              £50.00

Aircraft 501kg to 1,700kg – syndicate*                                Starting at £85.00 (based on number of flights).

Aircraft 1,700kg plus                                                               From £120.00

*Syndicate 3 or more pilots

Flight school enhanced block landing charges                   unchanged


Customs Charges

Inbound and Outbound – Commercial Operators             £30.00 non refundable

Private / Resident Operators                                                 No Charge



AVGAS 100 LL                                                                           £2.28 (including VAT)

JET F-35                                                                                     £1.06 (including VAT)

JET F-34                                                                                     £1.05 (including VAT)

Please note, UL91 is no longer available.

Oil Prices

S80 & S100                                                                               £9.86 (including VAT)

W80, W100, D80 & D100                                                       £11.40 (including VAT)

15W/50                                                                                     £12.07 (including VAT)

Additional Information

Prices include VAT at 20%.

All weights are MTOW.


Hangarage is available at competitive rates. Contact the Airport Office on 01384 221379 for details.


Full-service requests to extend the airfield opening hours must be received a minimum of 24 hours in advance. Part services will require the signing of an Indemnity Movements Agreement prior to extension being granted. Charges may be applied if cancelled within the 24-hour notification period.

All charges must be paid in full prior to departure from the airfield. Operators that wish to be invoiced should contact the Finance office in advance - click here. A minimum invoice charge of £25.00 will apply.

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